Last Frontier Startup Pitch

Our goal is to help startups gain a competitive advantage and reach the next level

Will your startup be the next multi-billion-dollar company?

We’re inviting all startups that meet the following criteria to join our Startup Pitching Challenge:

  • Has been founded between 2015 & 2022
  • Currently employs <50 people
  • Builds/markets high-tech products
  • Has raised up to £5 millions in funding

Why shall I apply?

Some of the FOUNDERS competing aT THE 2022 summiT:

what are the rules?

  1. Purchase your “Startup Pass”. Only applicants with at least one valid ticket will be considered (TICKETS HERE).
  2. Apply through the form below. 
  3. On the 15th of September we will announce the 10 finalists! 

Picht in front of investors!

See you soon 🙂