Last Frontier Startup Pitch

Our goal is to help startups gain a competitive advantage and reach the next level

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Will your startup be the next multi-billion-dollar company?

We’re inviting all startups that meet the following criteria to join our Startup Pitching Challenge:

  • Has been founded between 2015 & 2022
  • Currently employs <50 people
  • Builds/markets high-tech products
  • Has raised up to £5 millions in funding

what are the rules?

  1. (1st application step) Apply to compete

  2. (2nd application step) If your startup meets the criteria, you will receive a special discount to secure 1 (or more) passes for the conference (include food and access to all areas for 2 days) ─note: this is MANDATORY to complete your application and applicants without at leas 1 ticket won’t be considered

  3. If your startup is selected for the final, you will be notified by September 12th and you will be awarded a table at our expo FOR FREE (value = £3,000)

  4. Prepare your keynote on your industry topic 🙂

  5. On the day of the conference you will pitch live in front of our audience and judges: if you win, you will be invited to present your keynote live on our main stage! (worth £18,000)

Picht in front of 30+ investors!

See you soon 🙂